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Architectural Antiques and Design is a new/old shop in Charleston. Formerly known as Architectural Antiques Warehouse...or the as I liked to call it, the shop I could never find (I would drive by at least three times, each time, before I found the shopping center). I am sad to say that the previous owner, Terry, passed away unexpectedly on the day of her 60th birthday party. While coping with her death, Terry's family had hired someone to sell the contents of the shop in an estate sale. But good friends, Brad and Jeff, couldn't let that happen! Despite the tough economy, they wrestled up the funds to buy the shop in its entirety and maintain the legacy that their dear friend Terry started.

If you have ever been in there you know it is a haven of fabulous finds but you gotta hunt for them! Which is something I love to do but I imagine the layers of dirt and grim, the aroma of cat urine and the falling ceiling probably deterred many folks! After making the necessary structural repairs, the new owners vow to maintain some of the old shop's charm while also incorporating their own flair. Using skills from their previous careers with shelter magazines, staging and interior design, Brad and Jeff hope to make the front of the shop more retail friendly with some creative merchandising and one-of-a-kind pieces. They will be re-purposing many of the shop's architectural objects into functional items like lamps, tables, art, etc.

They have a lot of work in store for them (get it, in store!) but they are making a dent!

This is some of the "hunting" I was referring to...

This backyard full of iron pieces, Turkish jars, cement statues, etc. will stay as is.

These guys are super nice so I encourage you to stop by and chat them up!

1011 St. Andrews Boulevard (Highway 61)
Charleston, SC 29407
Next to the Hokus Pokus (look out for this sign)

Happy Hunting!

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