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I asked a few of my favorite bloggers if they could take pictures of their offices/desks/spaces where they blog. As you know some bloggers are also interior designers and some bloggers are just big fans of design. Regardless of their trade, it is obvious that they all take pride in their office/desk/space (no matter how big or small!) as you can tell by all the finishing "designer" touches.

Sissy of Blue Hydrangea

Sarah of Matters of Style

Alicia of Alicia B. Designs

Erica of Urban Grace
To see the full post on her design studio, click here.

"i would love to participate but i am afraid i have nothing resembling an office in my house. my "office" is my bed plus my lap top. no lucite tray containing all of my pretty stationary, no mint julep cup holding all of my bamboo pens, no john derian decoupage plate for holding my important documents...nope just a stained coverlet and a lot of cat hair, probably some boogers too."
Jenny of My Favorite and My Best

I hope this doesn't burst anyone's bubble like when you meet your favorite radio personality only to realize they look nothing like how you pictured them! Every January, I do a major overhaul on my office. I clean, purge, organize, re-organize, label, move furniture, etc. It is glorious! My office will look like this for about a day...so I am happy to have captured this moment in time.

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