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The sun is out today & it's been making me wish I could drive. YES! Stop Press! Hold the phone! That's right! I'm 31 (in two weeks) and I still don't drive! Pretty tragic, I know. I failed my test when I was 18 and have since always lived in big cities (Edinburgh, Toronto, London) with no need or want for a car. It's only now I live by the sea out of the city that I wish I had passed my test all those years ago. Would save me the headache of having to do it now - all those gear changes & roundabouts, yuch. I'd love to be able to jump in the car & drive off into the sunset, listening to some great tunes. Hence this music mix tape. It's a kind of a half relaxing, half happy-making mix of tunes for the drive home at the end of a long day. For those of you who can drive - and I'm guessing that's pretty much all of you, do have any driving favourites?

Track Listing: 1 / The Hours > Beach House 2 / California Dreaming > Bobby Womack 3 / Hurry On Sundown > Hawkwind 4 / Look Around The Corner > Quantic & Alice Russell 5 / Go Your Own Way > Fleetwood Mac 6 / Earthquake > This Is The Kit 7 / Ce Matin La > Air 8 / Hold On > SBTRKT 9 / Life Changes > Ski OakenfullSUNSET DRIVES from heyjo on 8tracks.

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