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Lyrics by Kendall Payne

Boy know your place, lies do not become us
Real is more attractive than a slick and polished mask
Girl dig down deep, I know there's more between us
There's bound to be a question you're just dying for me to ask

If you can be honest, I can be too
If you'll take the first step, I'll follow you through
But no one wants to bleed, no one wants to hide
No one wants to hurt, alone inside

Child, don't close your eyes the truth contains much beauty
And though it scars your soul, it can heal the wounds it makes
You've been deceived to think the pain is to be dreaded
When you've got nothing left, it'll give more than it takes

If you can't find the peace, I'll help find it for you
I don't know how, but one thing
that's sure is I won't leave you now

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