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A Figurative Study

Yet another of my many obsessions is "figurative studies" (or sketches of "nude people" as an ex-boyfriend use to call them before giggling like a six year old!) . I especially love these works of art in charcoal so I scour antique markets for them because I so want to do a grouping like this in my (someday) large master bathroom. I have not had much luck finding ones that really move me and I have even bought a book entitled "How To Draw The Human Figure" and tried creating my own (not so impressive). But then I stumbled upon etsy.com one heavenly day and behold, I had hit the motherload! There are some amazing artists out there who will sell their works on the cheap. Go check it out! But don't buy any of the ones that I have my eye on (wink wink)! This last image is a work of art my dad created in a college art class and he would want everyone to know that is it technically a rendering of the statue of David (there I saved his masculinity...whew!).

~Images: 1) Unknown 2) Designer Thomas O'Brien's Master Suite 3) Southern Accents Sept/Oct 2008 4) Southern Accents March/April 2008 5) Courtesy of Roger Wagner Hanging in My Bathroom

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