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Fish Tales

This post is dedicated to my brother Greg, an avid and acclaimed fisherman, who would hang his "trophies" throughout the entire house if his wife would let him. With that being said, I am about to really tick off not only my sister-in-law but countless women who have battled with their husbands over this very issue. Perhaps it is because I live in a beach town full of fishermen but hanging a fish on the wall doesn't entirely bother me. If (and that is a mighty big if) it is done in a tasteful and stylish way. So, I thought I would showcase some images I have collected over the years of sailfish hung in a way that makes them look like a valuable piece of art (which I realize to the person that caught them...they are!!!).
~Images: 1) Unknown 2) Cottage Living August 2007 3) Domino July 2008 4) Domino April 2006

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