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Happy Birthday Garrett!

I wanted to wish my nephew Garrett a happy birthday! The Big 6!

Garrett is a total sweetheart. He is always making sure everyone is happy and included in everything. If one of his brother's is upset or crying he will stop what he is doing until they are alright. When my parents took him to the store (by himself) to buy whatever he wanted for his birthday, he kept picking items that his brother's wanted and ultimately decided on something that they could all play with...I mean, how cute is that? But he is not just sweet, he is super athletic, very determined, incredibly passionate and as you can tell by this photo, ridiculously handsome! When he went on a dolphin cruise with my parents, a much older woman (11) immediately flocked to him and never left his side. He was completely unaware. I have a feeling there are going to be MANY ladies lined up for G!

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