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My Abstract Thoughts

I am a big fan of abstract art. Maybe it is because my first lesson in art was in the 1980's during a class field trip to the High Museum in Atlanta. Or maybe I like that there are no rules. Perhaps it is because each piece can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the viewer. I am certain that I like the fact that despite their modern nature, abstract paintings can be worked into almost any design scheme as illustrated in the photos above.

Speaking of Atlanta, I am headed there for some family time and shopping! Going to hit up all my favorite stores for some much needed inspiration! [Any of my blogger friends have any new store/antique mall suggestions for me?] Hopefully I will have some good posts when I get back from my shopping excursions. Meanwhile, I have posts lined up while I am gone so don't panic, you won't miss a beat. (I can almost hear the collective sighs of relief around the world).

Have a great weekend!

~Images: 1) via shelter blog 2) Suzanne Kasler in Elle Decor 3) Lindsey Harper 4) House Beautiful March 2008 5) Courtney Giles 6) Celerie Kemble 7) Unknown

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