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Organizing Your Closet: Step Four

Step Four: Equipment Check

Overall Space: Check
Before you can load everything back into your closet, you need to take a look at your closet itself and make sure you have the proper equipment. What kind of storage system do you have? Is it sufficient? Is it functional? If the answer is no, you might need to look into a new closet system that can specifically be designed to fit your storage needs. Depending on your budget, there are many options available from do-it-yourself Elfa systems to custom closets installed by a closet company.

Yeah, right!

Lighting: Check
Is there sufficient lighting in your closet? You need to make sure that your space is well lit or else you risk wearing mis-matched clothing or suffering a wardrobe malfunction. If your closet is not hard wired for a light fixture, consider adding some of these Infomercial staples...the tap light.

Clothing Rods: Check
Make sure you have an adequate amount of hanging space for each type of garment as well as an adequate amount of room for each garment. You don't want your clothes to be smashed together so allow them some room to breath! Measure the longest shirt and make sure that it can hang freely without hitting another rod or shelf.

Shelving: Check
Make sure you allow some room for shelving in your closet area because you can actually increase an items lifespan by folding it instead of hanging it. For example, sweaters and delicate items like those with sequins or cashmere should always be folded!

Hangers: Check
Next you need to invest in some quality hangers. Are you all saying "NO WIRE HANGERS!" Ha! Well you should be because they are just plain bad for your clothes (as are the plastic kind). Wood hangers are great because they can hold the weight of your clothes and help them to maintain their shape. The latest rage are these flocked hangers because they take up less space than wood hangers and the material keeps clothes from falling off. They even have notches for tank tops, camisoles, etc. Make sure you have the appropriate hangers for each garment; pants hangers for pants, coat hangers for coats, etc. And please do me a HUGE favor and buy all matching hangers, I promise it makes a HUGE difference!

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