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Guess Who Lives Here?

I am curious at how many images into this post did you know who's apartment this was? Probably one of the most iconic sets from TV, obviously this is Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex and The City. I came across an interesting article on hbo.com in which set designer, Jeremy Conway, explains how important it was to have the set apartment match the true essence of Carrie Bradshaw. I think he did a brilliant job by making the closet the epicenter of this space illustrated with a walk-through (versus a walk-in) in which you have to "tour" the closet to access most rooms in her apartment. The decor is also a reflection of Carrie, comprised of a few investment pieces but mostly flea market finds all put together with her signature style.

I am such a believer in having your home, apartment, dorm, whatever be an expression of who you are! I was fascinated to read the amount of dedication that Jeremy took to make this apartment authentic even building furniture himself when he could not find the right piece. (P.S. I would totally do the same thing!). Even when the details did not read on film, he wanted the actors on set to understand the true core of Carrie through the overall feel of her apartment. He went so far as to having peeling plaster in the bathroom and phone cords draped above door frames. Love it! If you are equally as fascinated, you can read more of the article here. And look out for tomorrow's post when I talk about Sex and The City's transition from television set to movie set!

~Images: Courtesy of HBO.com

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