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I love using nailheads as a decorative detail in the home. You can easily customize pieces like beds, chairs, tables and even bulletin boards with some nailhead trim. It is a great way to emphasis the lines of a piece or to add a little somethin' somethin' to a neutral or simple object. Recently, I thought it would be easy to reupholster my own chair and use decorative nailheads along the bottom edge. Ummm, not so much! It wasn't as easy as I thought to get them lined up straight (as I am sure there is a trick to this that I will learn before my next attempt) but I am still happy with how it turned out!

I especially love the use to emphasis the feminine curves of furniture!

I love the use of a ribbon trim anchoring the nailheads!

I love it mixed with the texture of raffia!

I love the double rows of nailheads!

You can put them close together or separated out.

They come in many sizes.
I am really liking these larger ones!

And they come in many finishes too!

~Images: 1) Martha Stewart 2 and 3) Unknown 4) Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair 5) via Little Green Notebook 6) Unknown 7) Designer Suzanne Kasler 8) Unknown 9) Elle Decor 10) Beautiful Interiors 10) via Laura Casey Interiors 11) Unknown 12) House Beautiful 13) Martha Stewart

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