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Repurposed Tables

I am a big fan of repurposing objects. Why you may ask? Well...a) Recycling is good. b) I enjoy the challenge of thinking outside the box. c) It is great to have a one of a kind piece in your home. Personally, I lean more towards adding an industrial edge than a "country with a k look"(yes, I coined that term). If you agree, I think the key is to have only one "wow" factor per room. Keep the rest of the decor clean-lined, modern and simple so that your repurposed piece can really stand out.

An old air conditioner, stripped of its motor and topped with glass makes a unique nightstand.

Old foundry parts adds to the rustic look of this living room.

Old metal drum turned side table makes an interesting conversation piece.

A pigeon coop topped with glass and with the addition of some wheels adds a little modern country flair to this room.

Antique Pedistal topped with concrete makes a statement on this patio.

Antique columns topped with glass equal instant desk.

The Junk Ladies, who are masters at repurposing objects, prove that virtually anything can be turned into a table! Check it out...

As I have mentioned before, one of my major Design Crushes is Kay Douglas, designer and owner of South of Market. Check out my previous post or her website or visit one of her stores in Atlanta or Charleston for more inspiration!

~Images: 1) Book Modern Country 2) Country Home 3) Southern Living 4 and 5) Country Home 6) Country Living 7) Book Junk Market Style

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