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Who Knew Something So Small Could Come With So Much Stuff?

For those of you that don't know me or have just started reading, I am an interior designer AND a professional organizer (weird pairing?...perhaps). As far as blogging goes, I have been spreadin' the design love but have neglected the organizing love a bit. Soooo, one of my goals for this new year is to make every Wednesday an "organizing" themed post. I plan to show inspiring images of organized spaces, provide organizing tips, illustrate do-it-yourself organizing projects, feature some of my personal organizing projects as well as my client's and much more. But I need your help! Let me know if there is anything specific that you would like me to blog about...just leave me a comment or shoot me an email sidney@eclectic-idg.com. Thanks in advance for your help!

Today, I want to show some creative ideas for storing kid's toys. I know there are a million types of "kid themed" baskets, bins, etc. out there but why not do something a little more stylish? Take some cues from these inspiring images...

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Real Simple August 2008

Designer Lee Kleinhelter
Cottage Living Nov 2007

House and Garden

Domino Feb 2009

Designer Candice Olson
Home Magazine


I find that the earlier you start training your kids to stay organized, the more likely they are to maintain the order. And be sure to make the organizing process kid friendly-incorporate labels with pictures (instead of words) from their favorite book. Or better yet, have them draw out the images for the various bins like trains, books, dolls, etc. so they will feel a sense of entitlement in their space! Are your kids still resisting? Try making it fun for them...create a game to see who can pick up their stuff the fastest every night before bedtime. Whoever wins gets a gold star. The child with the most gold stars at the end of each month earns a prize (money for their piggy bank, TV privileges, a special day out with mom or dad, etc. ) And with that I say...GOOD LUCK!
(Remember, I don't have children so I can suggest all of these things with ease.)

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