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Better Hide the Koolaid!


Southern Accents

Maire Claire (I think?)

via Laura Casey Interiors Blog

Designer Kelly Hoppen

Most of my clients say to me "I would love to have a white upholstery but it is so impractical." True. However, some people are willing to risk it. I happen to be one of them. But alas, I don't have children or pets so I can be daring. If I have a client that really wants the look I always recommend slipcovers because at least then you can wash them, bleach them or (in the worst cases) die them to rid your upholstery of any mishaps. Or, you can always take a cue from grandma...


My apologies to those of you that had trouble leaving a comment for the contest last week but glad that you got your emails in! And the winner is...drumroll please...Heather! And here is her decorating mishap...

"Laura Ashley."
[I dig her simplistic answer and think most of us can relate!]

Hope you enjoy your adorable pig pillow cover from Blue Chickadee!

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