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Decorganizing Wednesday: Glass Jars

I am a big fan of glass jars. They are beautiful works of art that are also functional. They are classic and never go out of style. They are great for a number of uses like...

Storing Functional, Everyday Items

Country Living


Pottery Barn: Dining

Housing Your Collections

Designer Phoebe Howard

Organizing Your Hobbies

via Apartment Theropy

via 3bp.blogspot.com

Displaying Holiday Decor

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via cozycapeintheburbs.blogspot.com

via allhallowsdesign.blogspot.com

Preserving Natural Elements


via kaboodle.com

Scrapbooking Your Memories

via Coastal Living

Better Homes & Gardens

See, how much better do all these things look inside these simple glass containers? You can get them just about anywhere these days-Target, Homegoods, WorldMart, etc. So take your pasta out of the ugly boxes, unwrap your soap bars and pull out grandma's button collection and make an eye catching display! Have a creative use for jars? Leave a comment!

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