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J. Crew, Celerie Kemble and My Funny Father

Celerie Kemble for J. Crew

So this might be the first issue of J. Crew where I didn't want to purchase one thing! Maybe it is because we are in-between seasons and I am pasty white so the thought of wearing anythings other than leggins, a cardigan and some Uggs (i.e. full coverage) makes me cringe but I didn't LOVE anything in the catalog.

"Thank you."
[That was from my wallet.]

However, I was excited to see one of my design idols featured in this issue (She looks great!). I wonder if people like Celerie Kemble know that they are living my fantasy life? Probably. I at least hope they are enjoying their ride!

And on an unrelated note...while I was spending time at my parents, I was telling them about the oyster stick accessories that I spoke about in this post. My dad didn't get it. I said "Well if you read my blog then you would." [Sidebar: My dad hates computers and reading. So he has never seen my blog.] His response: "Well if I had a blogging machine then I would! I mean, we just got a fax machine like two years ago!" LOL! Yes, he was kidding but it is still damn funny.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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