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No Fear!

People seem to be terrified of picking paint colors. Oftentimes living with the builder's white for years out of fear. I understand that you can make a poor paint choice...I have done it myself. Once I chose a shade of brown that looked like I had wiped my nephew's diaper all over the wall. It was gross. But guess what I did? I repainted. It is really that simple so have no fear!!! Here are some (hopefully) helpful hints when picking out paint.

For starters, don't arbitrarily select paint colors! Choose the color from something in the room like a rug, bedding, a vase, etc. If you don't have anything in the room then wait to paint until you have made some other selections. It will be worth it. Why? Because there are infinite colors of paint to choose from and you can pick a shade to match anything (literally). It is a bizillion times easier to work forward instead of working backwards. If you have ever spent hours, weeks, months, or years trying to find the perfect fabric to match a paint color that is already in the room then you will know of which I speak.

If you do have let's say a fabric that you are trying to pull a paint color from then you can either match one of the colors in intensity like this...

Or you can go to a lighter or darker version of the color (hue) like this...

If you are afraid of an actual color then you can try pulling one of the neutrals like this...

Or you can match the "ground" (background) of the fabric like this...

**These paint colors show differently on your computer screen. I promise the do match the fabric!

Be sure to look at all of your room selections together when selecting a paint color-carpet, fabrics, trim color, window hardware, furniture finishes, etc. as all of these can affect the way a color is perceived.

Be sure to look at the paint color options in the actual room and in the various lights of the day.

People often have a hard time seeing how the room will look once it is painted just by looking at a tiny paint chip. This is understandable. If you are able, paint out a section of the wall so you can see it in larger scale. If you are unable to do this then paint a sheet of white poster board (paint the entire thing corner to corner and paint on the dull side) and put it in the room.

Once you have selected a color...go for it! And relax, it's just paint.

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