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No Shirt Required

Does your carpenter look like this?

Carter Oosterhaus

Jared Walker Dostie

Ty Pennington

Yeah, that's what I thought. Stupid HGTV hiring model/actors as carpenters. I think I am going to hold an open casting call to find a hunky carpenter. And yes, he will be required to work shirtless. I have a bunch of lawyers in my family so I am thinking they could get me out of all the sexual harassment lawsuits that would be sure to come my way.

From years of reading Teen Beat, I learned that many hunky model/actors use carpentry to pay the bills until they make it big in Hollywood. I hear this guy honed his skills as a carpenter...

Luke Perry

As did this guy.

Harrison Ford

I imagine his carpentry skills come in handy on the island.

Matthew Fox

And I hear this guy went from carpenter to actor and back to carpenter.
(I bet he hates it when people call him Jake.)

Michael Shoeffling

Geez, do my celebrity references date me or what?!?

Can you tell I am excited to go tour the American College of the Building Arts this morning? I do love a man who is "handy." And for the record, I have a wonderfully talented (and handsome) carpenter who is married to a good friend of mine! And if you happen to be reading this, I am not looking to replace you. But can you please look at hiring someone like this as your apprentice? I am happy to help you with the interviewing process. In fact, while I am at the college today, I will get some phone numbers of guys that would be good candidates...just for you.

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