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Sanford & Son

Sanford & Son
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So I was going to work on my curb appeal this weekend but saw that my neighbors moved out and put all their crap onto our shared yard so it now looks like Sanford & Son Salvage. Nice. Then it rained a monsoon last night so now there is wet and molding crap in my yard. Even better. But here are some things I plan to do...

Still need to paint the front door Peacock Blue

I desperatly want this doormat. I have been doormat-less for almost a year because I cannot find one I like then I saw this gem...

I saw it here and have to have it!

Will someone near an IKEA please buy this and mail it to me?
Or if I know you and you live in Charleston please bring it to me!

TRAMPA Door mat

Many thanks!!!

I have two of these (but in black) on either side of my door. They finally got small palms in them. I give 'em about a month. I kill everything. My poor father (he is a landscape architect). I guess that gene skips a generation.

I still need some "flair" but not tacky flair and not 1,000 pieces of flair (like my embarrassing neighbor). But just a normal amount of classy, cool flair. Any ideas for me?

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