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2010 Charleston Symphony Orchestra Designer Showhouse

120 South Battery

So I finally made it to the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Designer Showhouse and to say I was under-whelmed is an under-statement. I don't mean to disrespect the designers that participated but I just don't get it. They have this amazing downtown Charleston home that is a hundred plus years old with fantastic architectural bones and instead of working with all of that, they try so hard to "wow" you that you get distracted from all the goodness of the house itself. And the second thing that annoys me is that I don't understand why they can't choose a collective color scheme and style then let the designers interpret that style in their own way. Instead, there is a mismatch of colors, styles, furniture, etc. and not in a good way. I think they should design the house so that someone could conceivably buy it as is (which would be good since it is for sale). But what do I know? Maybe there is a reason for this and if so, someone please let me know!

You weren't allowed to take pictures so here are some renderings from Charleston Home Magazine Spring/Summer 2010.

I didn't get the four paper pendants in a kitchen. Hope the family doesn't cook any bacon or they are toast!

Loved the bed! Orange velvet.

Loved the grasscloth on the ceiling and the custom made shell chandelier.

Have a great weekend!
This weather is amazing...did I say that already? Well, it was a long winter and I am so thankful for the sunshine!

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