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Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

I kinda feel bad for all of the homeless armoires out there since the invention of the flat screen TV. But I am happy to have more design freedom than revolving a room around a large TV cabinet. And it has been interesting to witness the design world adapt to the change in technology. As you might guess, I am more interested in the creative and customized solutions than the standard issue stock variety but each has its place in society so here goes...

Me Likey!

I really like the idea of using architectural pieces like this.

I don't know if the owners hid a TV behind those old doors or not but it would be a lot cooler if they did!

And these smart folks used the space under the stairs to do some built-in cabinets that when closed, gives the illusion of a flat wall with amazing architectural detail. Kudos!

Ok, these are the standard stock issue variety I was referring to earlier...still smart, just more obvious. There is a frame surrounding the flat screen and the art actually rolls down to conceal the television. You can choose from their art or submit your own artwork. Additionally, there is a mirror option where you can see the TV picture when it is on but you just see the mirror when it is off.


via homeimprovementsdepot.com

Eh. A little to Star Trek-ish for me.


via homeimprovementsdepot.com

Check out this craziness...it lifts out from under the bed!
I am thinking the person that buys this also has a recliner with a built-in cooler.


via homeimprovementsdepot.com

Y'all have any other ideas? Leave me a comment!

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