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Design Crush: Kelly Hoppen

"Kelly Hoppen is a British interior designer, furniture designer, and author. Hoppen was born in South Africa but grew up in Chelsea, England. She was the daughter of Jewish-Irish fashion tycoon whose death at age 16 resulted in her "drop out period." Consequently, she started her career at age 17 and since then has built her brand. She is known for her neat, comfortable, yet oppulent style.

She has designed the Beckham`s LA home as well as the first class cabin`s for British Airways. Kelly is the first designer to receive the Andrew Martin “International Designer of the Year” award. She also has her own shops in both London and Dubai. According to the press, Kelly manages 30 projects in a year and will not take a project for less than £300,000 (that’s around $600,000 USD)." [Damn. That must be nice!]

I will never be this cool...

[This I pulled from an internet article and I cannot find the source. Please don't sue me. I did not write it, nor am I claiming to have written it! My apologies.]

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