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Decorganizing Wednesday: Make-Up

How do you organize your make-up? In pretty little jars on a vanity? In a drawer? In a fancy make-up bag?

Real Simple

Real Simple

Trish McEvoy

I have mine organized in a drawer but I do like my Trish organizer for sleepovers. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that there is a compartment for everything! Bravo Trish, bravo. As you already know, make-up can go bad. I did some research and found this article Real Simple did a while back. Some products have a PAO (Period After Opening) icon on the packaging that will help you keep tabs on the freshness but if not, you can refer to this chart.

Mascara/Liquid Eyeliner
Lasts: 3-4 mos
Toss it sooner if you get an infection, pink eye or the tube goes dry.

Powders (eye shadow, blush, face powder)
Lasts: Up to two years
Toss it sooner if it gets suspiciously crumbly or shiny.

Lipstick, lip gloss, balm
Lasts: A year with wand, two years with direct brush application
Toss it sooner if you get a cold sore or other lip infection. (duh!)

Lasts: Up to 3 years, with sharpening
Toss it sooner if it becomes unusually dry or melty.

Liquid Foundation
Lasts: Up to 2 years
Toss it sooner if the color changes or separation occurs.

Moisturizer: Face or Body
Lasts: About 2 years in a pot; 2-3 years in a pump
Toss it sooner if you notice a change in the smell or consistency.

So my brother used the term "decorganizing" last weekend and I about died. LOVE IT! I am not sure what tickled me more that someone used the word in a sentence or that my brother reads my blog! Now if only I had coined the term instead of Tina Fey.

I need some help...anyone have anything they want me to talk about on Decorganizing Wednesday? Leave me a comment or send me an email sidney@eclectic-idg.com.

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