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Thanks Mom!

No, that is not Ricky Schroder, that is me.
And yes, I am eating the bread intended for the seagulls. Nice.

Finally, a chance to tell you how great my mom is! Which is ironic because I don't think she ever reads my blog but anyhoo...my mom is an amazing woman! She is and has always been so self-less putting her kids and husband's needs before her own. Not to mention the fact that she has dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate than herself-she was a social worker, a teacher and now runs a facility for those with special needs. She is a hard worker and a leader who inspires all that have ever worked for or with her. She has always encouraged her children to follow their dreams and aspire to great things all along providing the love, support and confidence for us to do so. Although my dad gets the creative props from me on my blog, my mom is very creative in her own right. It is from her that I get my love of decorating and of re-purposing objects as she was always painting or sewing or altering an item to give it new life. And I remember as a kid she would come up with some really unique ways to entertain my brother and I or our friends. For example, she use to put a mix of random items in a brown grocery bag and have us act out a skit based on the props in that bag. It is memories like this that I hope to carry on to my own children and if I can be 1/100th the woman she is then I will be proud of who I have become.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!!
I love you!!!

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