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Bohemian Chic: Wardrobe

Like I said before, I have not surfed a day in my life but I am a big fan ofthe whole Bohemian Chic look.

Kate Hudson nails the whole "sun dried hair" in which I spend massive amounts of time trying to emulate...

A little of this might help...

John Masters

Or just go for the sexy braids. Not so much these...

but these...

We saw an adorable little girl on the beach rocking a do'rag this weekend. Not sure I can pull it off with my Dumbo ears but I am gonna try!

Or maybe just a great hat like this...I love mine!

J. Crew

And some of this on your body. It is like spritzing on a little subtle Coppertone...the ultimate smell of summer!

Bobbi Brown

As for a Bohemian beach wardrobe, start with a suit like this...

J. Crew

A tunic is a must!

Rikshaw Designs

Add some great earrings...

Dee Ruel

Some sexy sandals...


Nine West

And voila! But forget the hair and clothes, what I really need to do is actually take up surfing
so I can get a body like this...yowza!

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