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Decorganizing Wednesday: Toilet Paper

I know you are thinking WTF? right now and rightfully so. But this is an important topic for me and one that could also go in my "Designing Pet Peeve" segment because I am anti-toilet paper holder. I know, I know...SO weird. And why do I have so many pet peeves in the bathroom? Do I spend too much time in there? I mean really. If I had a Design Therapist he could probably attribute it to the fact that growing up our toilet paper holder was defective and it took like five times and five minutes of chasing around the inner spring to get a new roll on the holder. So I would leave it like this and it drove my brother crazy.

So now that I am all grown up and have my own place, I keep mine on a shelf...

Or in a decorative basket...

Or in a glass canister like this...

(You can find these at Homegoods.)

This cracks me up...you know a man came up with this one!


How could I talk about toilet paper without mentioning toilet paper oragami???

Or word of the day toilet paper?

The last thing I will say on this subject is that you should always and I mean ALWAYS splurge for the Charmin. None of this sandpaper crap. UN-acceptable.

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