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Happy Father's Day!!!

Sadly this is one of the only pictures with us and my dad in it. To all you fathers out there...be sure to be in pictures too, not just take them!

To a man that is honest and patient and kind, a man that has never raised his voice, a man that finds humor in everything, a man that puts family above all else, a man that never missed one sporting or school event for his children, a man that is wildly creative and talented yet genuinely modest about his skills, a man that makes me laugh (both with him and at him), a man that loves his wife as much as the day he met her, a man that honors tradition, a man that finds joy in the littlest of things, a man that loves UGA football and chocolate more than life itself... I love you dad! Thanks for being such a positive role model in my life. I am one lucky daughter!

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