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Keep It Tight

I love, love, love a perfectly symmetrical and art grouping. But man do I hate to hang them. Hence why I employ Brent Haven of Haven's Framing to come hang them for me. He is great! Not only the owner but he does his own handy work...love that! If you don't have Brent around then there are some tricks to hanging your own. The key is to pre-plan! And a little note is to keep the frames tight, if they are too far apart they look disjointed. It depends on the size of your grouping and the size of your wall but I say no more than three inches apart. Apartment Therapy has a good article here. And do yourself a favor and get one of these bad boys...

Stanley 77-154 SP5 FatMax Five Beam Laser Kit

I like how these folks have worked the sconces into the art grouping. It adds a little more interest by breaking up the flat grouping with a 3D object yet everything is still really symmetrical.

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