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Decorganizing Wednesday: iPhone App

You go Apple! Check out this new App for your iPhone...it is called DecOrganizer (I would sue but Tina Fey really came up with the term. ha! I am kidding Apple, I would never sue you.). It allows you to keep all of your "decorating details, building materials and pertinent photographs organized in one useful place." They give some examples of how useful it can be: Find the perfect table cloth but can't remember your table dimensions? Discover a beautiful piece of art and want to record the artist name, retailer, size, price and item number for purchase consideration later? Need some paint touch ups but forgot the color, manufacturer or finish of your paint? Well...look it up in your DecOrganizer App! And all for just $2.99. So smart those Apple folks! This is great for homeowners (especially if you are building or remodeling), decorating buffs and interior designers. [You fellow designers, they have a set up so you can record separate clients in subfolders. Holla!] Get more information here.

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