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Paint By Numbers

Have you ever attempted your own artwork? I have. And it wasn't good. My dad is an incredible artist so I think I somehow inherited it by osmosis. But you have to work at it, which I haven't. But hope to one day when I am rich and can stop working and live in my beautiful house on the water and paint everyday. But for now, maybe I should stick to paint by numbers.

I have a client I am working with right now who is a big art lover. She has purchased some amazing pieces and I cannot wait to see how her new home comes together with the art as the star of her home! [Photos to come.] Her husband has made some comments (after he found out how much she spent) like "I could do that!" It cracks me up! I have said this before but usually in regards to abstract art, not to anything on this level. But he said it in regards to a Mickey Williams she purchased (he is a fabulous-did I just say fabulous?-local artist). Check out his website here. I told her to tell her husband "Go ahead then, give it a try!" If he can do it then not only will he save her boatloads of money in art but he can quit his day job! Ha!

Artist Mickey Williams

She has also purchased several from the very talented Smith family. Check out some of their work below...

Artist Shannon Smith
(via Smith Killian Art Gallery)

Artist Betty Anglin Smith
(via Smith Killian Gallery)

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