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Happy Place

This is a teenager's bedroom that I did a year or so ago. A local publication recently featured it in an article on the "Happy Place" in your home in their Home and Garden issue. Poor Annie, being the youngest of three girls, had always received hand-me-downs. Once her two older sister's left for college, her mom (who I had worked with throughout their home) hired me as Annie's birthday present to redecorate her room...from scratch! Since she was now thirteen, Annie wanted something more "grown up" and her mom wanted something that could eventually transition into a guest bedroom. Annie was so cute, she drew out an image of what she wanted her room to look like and was very hands-on with me as we selected fabrics and paint colors. I even gave her two blank canvases to create her very own masterpiece! I had a blast as I always do when working with children...I get to be a kid again myself! Fun, fun!

Here is a copy of the article if you are at all interested...

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