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Decorganizing Wednesday: Riding Boots

I am obsessed with riding boots. I always have been. I think a woman (or girl) in proper riding attire is about one of the most beautiful, classic and iconic looks imaginable!

I just scored these bad boys on eBay!

Frye Melissa Button : Frye Women's Pull-on Boots

Melissa Button Frye Boots
Yeah me!

There are several ways to keep your boots in shape.

You can buy these handy gadgets...

Bed, Bath & Beyond

(You can hang them or not).

However, I feel like they stretch your boots out. So I prefer to use rolled up magazines instead (props for recycling). Plus, they have more weight so they don't fall over if you are standing them upright. You can also use wine bottles (as my friend just taught me)...full or empty depending on how much wine you drink! [Mine would be empty unless...hold the phone...that's not a bad (secret) place to keep an emergency stash!] Ha! I don't have a problem, I promise.

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