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Love & Other Drugs

We went to see Love & Other Drugs last weekend. It is GOOD! I must say, Jake and Anne can act. And there is loads of nudity. (Note that I am not complaining about this.) Anne's character's apartment inspired this post: An artist's loft. There are some musts in every artist's loft. Let's discuss...

Tall ceilings...check.
(The 20' leaded windows were amazing!)

No walls to separate rooms...check.
(I don't know about the bathtub exposed to the bedroom and living room however I do like the tub itself! Especially with Jake in it.)

Bed in the middle of the place...check!
(If I had Jake I would want the bed easily accessible...I'm just sayin'!)

Secondhand furniture...check!

Kitchen that doesn't see much action...check.

Unless you count this...


Anti-modern technology...check.
(I do love this phone.)

I couldn't resist...

(This really makes me laugh as I use to do graphic design but no longer have any of the software... Clearly!)

Now speaking of Jake Gyllenhaal...Swyllenhal? Really? I adore Taylor Swift but I don't like them together. Am I green? Yes. 1,000 times yes.

Sorry for the lackadaisical posts but my scanner has been on the fritz for a couple of weeks. Bought a new one today so I will be back in action pronto. Have a great weekend! Lots of fun stuff planned...crafting some Christmas gifts, Awendaw Music Festival, a Christmas party, downtown Christmas parade...fa-la-la-la-la...

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