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1. A fast-growing vine widespread in the southern United States.

2. My high school art teacher's band's name.

3. A 25,000 sq ft antique mall in Decatur. It boasts being named "Atlanta's Best Since 1979" [I hope it isn't by the same people who keep voting Hyman's the best seafood restaurant in Charleston! Gag.]

When I was in The ATL a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by as Kudzu is one of my favorite spots to shop. Here are some pics of the items I heavily considered...

It is hard to see but this long table would me AMAZING as an island in a long kitchen. It is a mix of metal and old wood.

Something like this..

Or a long vanity like this...

I LOVED this zinc table and coveting it for my back porch.
(still considering this one so please don't buy it!!!)

Pair of 60's Bertoia Chairs. They sell them new but it is cool when you find vintage ones! I would paint them a bright color.

Or white. They look great here...

Coastal Living

This old work table was cool. I would leave it as is and hang a large, modern mirror above it and use it is an entry table! But an extra large basket underneath to hold all your "stuff" and you are good to go.

This would be killer painted! That large door pulls down, I would use that as a desk and make this whole unit a home office in a small space. What great storage!

I adore this old metal cart!

It would look good mixed in with a neutral interior like this...

Cottage Living

It is hard to see the great colors from this photo but I would hang this old science chart as art and use the colors as inspiration for the room's palate.

This proves that anything in mass quantity can be interesting! I would buy all these old bobbins and arrange them on a table or bookcase for an eye catching display!

Dang, reviewing all this gives me SUCH buyer's remorse!

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