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Design Crush: Angie Hranowsky

Check out local designer, Angie Hranowsky, in the Instant Room portion of the latest House Beautiful!

I was shocked to realize that I have yet to do a post on this fab designer...I thought I already had as I am a HUGE fan of her work! Angie is a local designer and I love to see someone mixin' it up in such a traditional town like Charleston. She started her career as a graphic designer but added interior design to her ever growing repertoire after studying at Parsons in 2004. Since then her career has flourished with many clients throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Her work has been published in several trade magazines and as I have come to realize...I have been saving these images for my idea books way before I learned who she was! Cheers to you Angie! And if you like her work, check out the post I did on the Coastal Living Cottage House she designed in I'On last year or visit her website or her blog.

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