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I hate doing laundry. Part of it is the space I have to do it in...it is gross...the complete antithisis of these rooms. It is a room off of my sunroom that isn't totally finished and won't be any time soon as it is very low on the priority list. My sweet mom sewed me a curtain that at least covers the water heater. Then I added cute shelves and baskets but it isn't helping much. When my handymen were here a couple of weeks ago, they figured out a way to get the door to close fully without hitting the dryer. I was extatic. Sometimes it is the little things...

I helped a client/friend design a huge laundry room in their house addition. With three boys, she spent a lot of time doing laundry! And I think she wanted a place where she could go and tell the family she was "busy" but secretly get a retreat from the chaos! We added a TV and a place for her laptop. I sometimes picture her in there watching hours and hours of Real Housewives in silence. "Go play with your brothers...mommy is busy doing housework."

Stay tuned to Before&After this Saturday where I show you an inspiring laundry room makeover!

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