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L.L.Bean Tote

I absolutely cannot live without my L.L. Bean Totes! I have many of them, all various sizes, all chocolate brown and all with my initials SAW (not sure why people think that is funny?). I use them for carrying all my samples, client folders, measuring tapes, etc. when going to appointments. Sometimes I take them to the farmer's market. Sometimes I take them to the beach or on the boat. I also use them for overnight trips. This classic will never go out of style!

They make for stylish decor too!

Elle Decor

Backbay 07

West Elm


Bobbi Brown likes her's too.

And this Pretty Women...

Even my Friend Courtney uses one...

See, everyone's doing it!

Even dudes. And not just any dude, a Superhero!

What do you use your's for?

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