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This Week I...

(Pardon the reminiscing!)

Went to Athens to see a good friend and to visit because I had not been there in YEARS. I was giddy just driving into town...then I saw that all my old haunts had been replaced. Bissets, Gus's, Son's, Boarshead. I feel sorry for the kids there now but I guess they don't know any different. We ate lunch at East West which seems much nicer since my days of logging in drinking hours. And I am happy to report that The Grill is still around. I was tempted to get a milkshake but my get-slim-fast-for-spring-diet wouldn't allow it.

This use to be Boarshead...

This use to be Son's...

I think this was "The Roo" that we would walk from the sorority house to get our Big Gulps for late night study sessions.

This use to be Hodgson's Pharmacy where you could get 25 cent ice cream cones (at least they kept the sign)...

Now a Jittery Joe's.

This use to be an old school pharmacy/grill where you sit at the counter. They had the best grilled pimento cheese sandwiches! I know it burned in a kitchen fire a few years back but I am not pleased with the updated, generic suburbia look.

Seems like my life revolved around food and drinking. No wonder I gained the Freshman 30!

Thank the Lord this is being rebuilt!

Ok, enough of that..

Spent Easter with my family.

Watched 1,000 baseballs games and an Easter egg hunt.

Thanks for enduring all that...I will get back on track with the design posts next week!

Have a great weekend!

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