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Busy, Busy

Ok, sorry for being so MIA lately but OMG. I have been traveling and buying and getting my booth at Southern Accents ready. I told my friend I feel like I am cramming for finals! It is fun but SO much work! And my house totally looks like an episode of Hoarders right now and for those of you that know me and know what a neat freak I am you know I am wigging out. I seriously have hives. Dare I show you a photo? Ok, here goes...eek!

See, I wasn't kidding!
I will have pretty pictures of this stuff once it is all loaded nice and neat in my booth.

I even went to IKEA when I was in Atlanta. And for those of you that faithfully read this blog you know how I feel about IKEA. So I wanted ONE thing at IKEA. ONE thing. If you have ever been to an IKEA, you know that it is not a quick shopping trip. Once you enter that maze, there is no quick exit. It is not like walking into the Piggly Wiggly and getting a jug of milk. And it was a Sunday so the place was packed! So my suggestion to IKEA, if any of the corporate big shots are reading, is this...are you ready? Do you have a pen handy? If you had a drive-thru window at IKEA, I would totally shop there. I am dead serious. If I could pull-up and ask for ONE item, pay, wait for it and leave and not have to step foot in your store, I would shop there often. I'm just sayin'!

Alright, back to normal posting soon, I promise!

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