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Painted White Floors

They seem to be popping up a lot lately so I thought I would post about them. I was at a new client's this morning on Sullivan's Island and the exterior of the house was amazing but the interior was finished very inexpensively. There were like three different types of wood floors thought the house and none of the transitions were smooth. In one area, they painted the floors white, my guess was to help mask the variations. But honestly I liked the painted floors so much that I wished they had done the whole house! I know it is almost sacrilegious to some people to paint wood floors but MY GOD when they look this good why wouldn't you???

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My friend Brett Elrod of C. Brett Elrod Construction is finishing up a new shop in the Old Village called Shrimp & Grits Kids and he painted the floors in a high gloss white. Here is a sneak peek...


And yet another example of white floors is the new shop Novel at 341 King Street, Suite B. My friend Way Way of Blue Chickadee, Lauren Lail of Library Fashion and Jane Pope of Jane Pope and Balboa Jewelry opened up their shop last week and the entire thing is painted white. Love!

Just be sure to invest in lots of these...

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