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Walt Disney

I was obsessed with Disney growing up. Well, let's be frank, I still am. The reasons are obvious...the entire concept revolves around laughing and having fun! Plus, I realized early on that if you reverse the SID in SIDNEY to DIS you get DISNEY. Yeah, that's right. I always think back to Disney trips during the summer time and think about all the children that are going for their first time. Lucky ducks. Here are my adorable nephews on their maiden voyage...

Being a kid is awesome.

And how precious is this? I don't remember the Mickey pancakes when I was a kid! Love!

I asked my dad to pull out an old Disney pic of our family and this is what I got...it's really Epcot but guess it will do. For the first like six years of my life my dad developed only slides so we have killer family slide shows but need to work on turning those slides into photos!

I like that my brother is rocking the New Balance and my mom the big sunglasses plus she looks classy as always.

Typically, I'm pretty anti-generic store bought stuff for decorating kid's rooms but I saw this on Amazon and thought it was pretty cute and I like that you can easily remove the vinyl stickers when it's time.

And this just might be one of the most genius ideas I have ever seen for a child's room! I'm thinking this parent never grew up...which I like.

Painted Peter Pan shadow. HOW. GREAT. IS THIS!

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