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Doin' Your Business

I think this would be a killer idea in a family beach house. To do a silhouette of each family member. Plus, it is something to do while sittin' on the can! Speaking of that, let's look at some other ideas for powder rooms that give you something to, um, do, while, er, doin' your business. Yeah, I went there.

Designer Jarlath Mellett

Learn about far away places...

powder room

Count zebra...
(but don't fall asleep on the commode!)

powder room

Suddenly acquire vertigo...

Powder Room

Get a weird urge for Pepto Bismol...

Such a pretty powder room!

Reminisce about your days in the slammer...

powder room 4

Look at pics...

Literally powder your nose!

powder room at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Gramercy Park Hotel

Charleston folks...tonight you should go to Novel (341 King Street) for the debut of Liza Cleveland's new line, Bon Vivant, of hand drawn stationary, invitations, announcements and calling cards.

Sorry Liza to include your beautiful work in my post about sitting on the can!

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