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How Will I Ever Choose?

I'm super excited about seeing The Change Up. However, how will I ever choose who to look at?

I fell in love with Ryan Reynolds when he was on this show...

Totally dating myself as many of you probably don't know what I am talking about. But if you do, then you know what I'm talking about. He was just as he seems in real life...funny and self-deprecating yet wildly confident..i.e. my perfect man.

Then he grew into this handsome thing.

Funny AND that body? Proving there is a God.


I even watched The Amityville Horror Movie (remake) because he was in it!

Yeah, it was worth the fear factor.

But do I keep my eyes on him or Jason Bateman? He was my first crush...ever since the Silver Spoon days!

Again, I like the sarcasm. He totally stole that show! I even watched Teen Wolf Too for you Jason.

He disappeared on us for a while but made a killer comeback with a cameo in Dodgeball...

And I fell instantly back in love.

Here he is all grown up...same dry humor.

And how precious is this pic???

So back to my dilemma...how am I going to watch this movie while taking in both pieces of eye candy AND following the plot? Not to mention it was filmed in Atlanta, my hometown, so I'm gonna want to look at the landmarks. Think I might have to watch this one twice. Back to back. Middle school double feature style.

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