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I'd Rather Be Surfing

The internet that is.

So I spent the weekend surfing Irene. Just kidding. I don't surf, nor am I that daring (stupid?). We didn't get too much here, Irene was kind to us. My friend and I did go out to take a look at the amazing sky Friday night. I was trying to show you a photo I took of said amazing sky and a hilarious video of a guy I know getting totally blindsided by a huge wave but I'm having such technical difficulties...all the way around. My computer is dying. My sweet friend who works in IT tried to help but wiped out all my settings. I am so lost! It takes like 20 mins to download a webpage. I'm way behind in work. Man do we take technology for granted when it works well! So bare with me this week...I might not be posting much. And if anyone has any advice, recommendations, anecdotes, etc. on buying a new laptop I'd love to hear it. Thanks! Meanwhile I will be doing a lot of this...

(Ugh, I can't even load this stupid pic of me drinking lots of wine!)

So I'm off to drink more wine.

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