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My Love of Space Planning

I love space planning. I mean it seriously brings me great joy and sense of accomplishment to rearrange a room, organize a closet, load the trunk of a car for a trip, heck, even pack a cooler for the beach! I hope this doesn't sound snobby but I think you are either born with that skill or not. Yes, you can learn about space planning in design school but to posses the ability to see space in your head cannot be taught. I get it from my dad. As a child, I remember watching him take all the dishes out of the dishwasher and reorganize it after my mom loaded it. He would go into the fridge for a snack and spend the next twenty minutes rearranging everything in it. As an adult, I find myself doing the exact same things! Funny how that happens. Anyway, I recently came across this image and just thought it was SO brilliant! A) because I looked at it for about 10 seconds before I even noticed the television (well done, designer, well done!) and 2) [why do I love to do that so much? A then 2? I crack myself up.] so 2) I think this room makes excellent use of the space yet still feels really open. In summation, as a designer, it is not always easy to work a TV into a room and still achieve a well designed space and I think this is a great example of both.

Someone tell me the source of this so I can credit this brilliant designer. Thanks!

I wanted to thank Nancy Sisk of The Charleston Porch for posting about me on her blog! So sweet!!!

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