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Brilliant Ideas for the Bathroom

So I thought I would follow-up to last week's Brilliant Ideas for the Kitchen with some ideas for the Bathroom because y'all really seemed to like them!

Vanity tool drawer <- yes please
Hidden Storage! Ugly mirror, sweet idea!

This could be done in a much more decorative way...hidden behind a piece of art or a mirror or architectural panel.

Clever Storage Ideas (maybe for the bathroom remodel?)

I love this since as you know if you remember from my previous post, I am not a fan of towel bars...so I like the idea of concealing it behind a shower curtain! As long as you can't see it through the curtain that is.


I think this could work for a good place to hide your scale too!


I mean this is just BEYOND brilliant. I detest those kiddie stools!

vanity with built-in pull-out step drawer for little kids

Once again, you can find these on my Pinterest page with links for more information.
Happy Pinning!

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