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So as I mentioned on my Facebook page (sorry to repeat for those of you that follow me)...I am OBSESSED with the show Picker Sisters on Lifetime! They are two women who totally speak my language and are living inside my head. If you are not familiar with the show, let me fill you in. These two ladies, Tanya McQueen and Tracy Hutson (both formally with Extreme Home Makeover) travel around the nation to small towns in search of old "junk" that they can repurpose into furniture, lighting and other home decor items. I love rusty old iron or galvanized anything and I love the concept of repurposing so I totally get them when they stand outside of a trailer telling a farmer how they are going to take two fenders and turn them into a coffee table...and it is quite enjoyable to watch as he stares at them like they are crazy people. They remind me of my dear friend Lauren and I who go "junking" together and talk about all the things we could make out of old crap. We get each other but not many other people do! Anyway, here are some of their creations...

This is by far my favorite! They made this hanging swing out of a silo.

They made these chairs out of an old Ford pick-up (I'm blanking on the term but the part that goes over the tire???) PS That is Alan the brawn behind the operation who actually makes all these ideas come to life. I loved the episode where one of them said "We couldn't do this without Alan." Well no duh! Alan is awesome. I am looking for my own Alan if you are out there and live in Charleston, call me. If you can do carpentry, welding, electical, painting, etc. You are hired! I'm serious. Call. Me. 843.324.6816 sidney@eclectic-idg.com

They made this headboard out of an old sign that says "The Possible Dream". We love that!

They made this killer chair out of an old radiator.

And here is a shot of their Pop-up shop, I-10, in L.A.

The first season has ended but I am sure you can catch reruns or watch on dvr. If you are into this kind of stuff you will really, really enjoy it! I have an office full of stuff that needs to be transformed so I really am looking for an Alan if y'all know of anyone who can do it all and would enjoy working on this type of thing. I don't want someone who's gonna look at me like I'm a crazy person...I want someone who gets me. At least half the time. Thanks! And if you are super rich (or slightly rich) and want to invest in me and my business, you can call me too. To steal a quote from someone much more important than me...I have a dream. And a buisness plan. Really, I do!

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