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Secrets From A Stylist

I have been dvr'ing Emily Henderson's show, Secrets from a Stylist, on HGTV for a while and got all caught up this weekend while home sick. She is such a stellar stylist, as she should be since that is how her career started, styling for photoshoots (as I understand it). Plus she's just adorable to watch! Here are some of the rooms she's created which she talks about in detail on her blog.

HGTV announces the launch of their new magazine, HGTV: Magazine, set to debut in October 2011. The editor-in-chief is Sara Peterson, formerly with Coastal Living Magazine, and she seems to be bringing a much needed real and relatable approach to the shelter magazine that I think will appeal to the viewers of the network.The content of the magazine will mimic that of their network including topics like decorating, landscape design, renovating, entertaining, food and real estate but will also take you behind the scenes on many of their popular shows as well as providing advice from their HGTV talent. The second issue will hit newstands in January 2012 and if all goes according to plan, full scale production will continue after that. Go check it out!

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