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Technical Difficulties: Part Deux

Hallelujah! My new Dell laptop arrived!!! I would show you a photo but well, you know. The IT guy spent all day yesterday (and all my money) uploading my harddrive. Then he spent all morning at my house trying to hook up my Internet only to leave telling me I had a bum router. Well no duh! I've been telling him that for weeks and I am not an expert in IT. So I guess I am getting my third router in 2011. WTF people? Why do all routers hate me? All I want to do is connect to the big bad world wide web so I can work...is that so much to ask??? Argh. So I don't dare jinx myself but I SHOULD be back in the land of blog by Monday. I plan to make my posts extra good to make up for all the lost time. Oh I have missed you all so...hope you have missed me too!

Happy Weekending!

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