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Bluffton, SC

My dad and I have a tradition of going to Savannah, Georgia around Christmas to do some shopping and to eat lunch. But this year we decided to go to Bluffton, South Carolina instead since neither of us had ever been. My mom came with us and acted as our tour guide because she had been a time or two while on business. It is a cute lil' town filled with artsy stuff like galleries, pottery shops, antique and home stores and old school markets.

We ate lunch at Cahill's Market. A combo restaurant, farm and fresh market.

They had these cool sliding barn doors...

Pardon the iPhone pics from the moving car...

I bought this gem at Eggs 'n Tricities, a quirky shop that has personality (that's putting it mildly), I can't wait till you see what I'm gonna do with it!!!

They were gearing up for a fish fry and I was bummed we had to go back to Beaufort! This Tavern was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen and I imagine it has colorful characters that frequent it.

I feel in love with this church we stumbled upon by the river, The Church of the Cross. Take a look at how beautiful it is! I understand it dates back to 1857.

They were decorating for Christmas when we drove by...

And did I mention it is on the river and has incredible views?

I wonder if you can come by boat? Now, that's my kind of religion!

If anyone has any info on Bluffton or knows anywhere else I need to go on my next trip, please leave a comment!

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